Best Pig Team Names for Groups, Contests and Exhibitions.

You are about to make a team or a group for oncoming pig-related events and desire the best ‘pig team names’ for your team.

The best common and generic hog team names are The Hog Heroes, Pig Masters, and Peggie’s Pioneer.

Click the table of content to see the collection of titles for your team’s consideration.

The best team or pig group names help to create a sense of unity and belonging among team members. The titles should be finalized after research and consultation with other members.

Team members feel proud of their team name and unique identity.

In the following sections, we have a list of categories according to a pig event. You may scroll through to find the best hog team names for your desired game or sports.

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Common Pig Team Names

A team of members
– Common Names for Pig Team

These titles are common and can be used for every pig-related activity. These group names are simple and easy to remember and pronounce.

  • The Pigskins
  • The Hogs
  • The Boars
  • The Sows
  • The Oinkers
  • The Piggies
  • The Hog Wild
  • The Pig Masters
  • The Pigsty Posse
  • The Bacon Brigade
  • The Pig Pen Platoon
  • ¬†Pork Chop Champs
  • The Swine Specialists

Funny Pig Team Names

These names are hilarious, playful and entertaining. The titles are sure to stand out from the crowd. They are funny but still relevant to a team or a group’s identity, uniqueness and spirit.

Utilize any of these funny pig team names for a pig group, or use them as inspiration to come up with your own unique and amusing team names.

  • Porky Pranksters
  • Bacon Bloopers
  • Squealing Comedians
  • Swine Silliness
  • Oink Oddities
  • Grunt Giggles
  • Ham Hooligans
  • Hog Hilarity
  • Piggy Puns
  • Boar Buffoons
  • Trotter Tricksters
  • Pork Punchlines
  • Snouty Surprises
  • Rib-Tickling Pigs
  • Hammy Humorists
  • Belly Laughs
  • Piglet Pranks
  • Joking Porkers
  • Quirky Quines
  • Oinkin’ Outlaws
  • Snout Spectacles
  • Hammy Hoots
  • Swine Sidekicks
  • Prancing Porkers
  • Chuckling Chops
  • Grinning Gourds

Pig Hunting Team Names

Many people desire adventure and challenging situations in life. The same is the case with the pig hunters. The activity of pursuing, capturing or killing wild pigs, requires techniques and strength.

The names in the list are for entertaining purposes only. It is important to mention that the hunting should be conducted following local laws and regulations.

  • Ham Haulers
  • Boar Bandits
  • Hog Wild Hunters
  • Swine Pursuit Crew
  • Porker Predators
  • Tusk Tacklers
  • Feral Frenzy
  • Truffle Trackers
  • Snout Stalkers
  • Wild Pig Warriors
  • Squeal Seekers
  • Boar Bashers
  • Piggy Prowlers
  • Tusker Triumph
  • Snort Squad
  • Pork Plunderers
  • Swine Slayer Squad
  • Truffle Trekkers
  • Porker Pursuit
  • Boar Breakers
  • Piggy Platoon

Roast Pig Team Names

In this section, we provide you the best ideas for roasting group names.

After the hunting, the next phase is cooking or roasting a wild animal. To get better at cooking and roasting, it is an excellent idea to make teams for cooking competitions.

These names are perfect for groups and teams that specialize in hosting and preparing delicious roast events.

  • Sizzle Squad
  • BBQ Bosses
  • Grill Thrillers
  • Roastin’ Rebels
  • Flame Kings
  • Ham Hotshots
  • Roast Pros
  • Grillin’ Gurus
  • Pig-Out Party
  • BBQ Bandits
  • Roast Rascals
  • Pork Perfectionists
  • Spitfire Kings
  • Pork Pit Pros
  • Smoking’ Sultans
  • Roast Masters
  • The Fire Porkers
  • Pigs in a Blaze
  • Roasty Toasties
  • Serious Sizzlers
  • Piggy Palace
  • Crackling Kings

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The Meat consumption is highest in the Midwest, followed by the South, the Northeast, and the West. (Source)

Pig Penning Team Names

These names are most suitable for pig hunters using trained Pig Dogs to locate or hold wild pigs within their designated pens. It is a reflection of the adventurous and skilled nature of pig-penning teams.

  • Penning Pioneers
  • Sow Wranglers
  • Hog Herders
  • Swine Sleuths
  • Piglet Patrol
  • Pen Pursuit Squad
  • Pen Predators
  • Feral Fixers
  • Penning Posse
  • Boar Busters
  • Penning Pros
  • Pen Paladins
  • Penning Pioneers
  • Snout Stalkers
  • Piglet Pursuit
  • Truffle Trekkers
  • Pig Pen Patriots
  • Feral Force
  • Hog Haulers
  • Penning Pals
  • Snorty Scouts
  • Penning Partners
  • Sow Savants
  • Hog Handlers
  • Penning Powerhouse
  • Penning Prowess

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Wrestling Pig Team names

“Pig wrestling” or “greased pig wrestling,” is a traditional sports activity in which parties attempt to catch a greased pig into a designated area within a specific timeframe. The following group titles are used, especially by these teams.

  • Grease Grapplers
  • Slick Wrestlers
  • Piggy Tusslers
  • Slippery Warriors
  • Hog Handlers
  • Porky Brawlers
  • Mud Maulers
  • Oily Fighters
  • Slipstream Strugglers
  • Piglet Pouncers
  • Grease Gurus
  • Wrestling Warriors
  • Piggy Pinners
  • Mud Wrestlers
  • Grease Goliaths
  • Hog Heroes
  • Slippery Spartans
  • Greased Grapplers
  • Slick Showdown
  • Wrestling Wizards
  • Grease Gangsters
  • Oink Olympians
  • Grease Gliders
  • Hog Hooligans
  • Greased Grit
  • Slippery Smashers
  • Piglet Pros
  • Oily Ogres

It is important to mention that prioritizes the well-being of participants and animals involved in the activity. Keep in mind the applicable local regulations and guidelines.

Pork Team Names

The names in this collection are ideal for barbecue groups, teams, cooking enthusiasts, or anyone passionate about pork recipes.

Porky ProsBBQ Enthusiasts
Porky Pit CrewPork Plunderers
Meaty MunchersRoast Royalty
Porky PleasersThe BBQ Beasts
The Meat MastersRibs ‘n Rollers
Rib RoyaltySow Slicers
The Sausage SquadPork Chop Champs
The Rib RascalsGrill Thrillers
Tenderloin TitansSwine and Dine Crew
The Ham HandlersSizzle Masters

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China is one the top consumer of pork.

The US is the third one in pork consumption.

A traditional sports activity in which parties attempt to catch a greased pig.

Hog Handlers, Piggy Pinners and Oily Ogres.

A roast suckling pig or Cochinillo asado.

BBQ Bosses, Roast Pros, and The Fire Porkers.

The Pig Masters, The Pigsty Posse and Pig Hunters.

Feral Frenzy is the catchy hog hunting team name.

Hope! You have selected a team name from our provided collections. We kindly invite you to share your experience in the comments below.

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