What are ‘Super Pigs’: Origin, Traits, and the Threat to the US?

‘Super pig’ is an exaggerated concept of a pig with extraordinary capabilities and powers. In popular cultures, these pigs suggest having superhero-like qualities, such as exceptional strength, intelligence, or other abilities beyond those of a regular pig.

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Super Pig Meaning

A genetically revised pig breed that has been selectively bred or altered using advanced genetic engineering techniques. The species may possess specific desirable traits.

Size04 – 07 feet
Weight150 and 300 lb

These hogs are crossbred of wild Eurasian boars and domestic swine. They have the harsh survival features of the Eurasian hogs and the high fertility and production rate of domestic swine, making them the best.

Their major traits include improved growth rate, enhanced disease resistance, increased lean meat production, and adaptability to varying environmental conditions.

These pigs are smart, intelligent, and adaptable to all severe weather conditions. They eat anything for their survival, whether it is wildlife or crops.

Super Pigs
The Pig Image

These hybrid animals could disrupt ecosystems and natural balance. These days, significant concerns exist about what might happen if these animals spread into the northern US states from Canadian border areas.

Ryan Brook, an associate professor at the University of Saskatchewan, says these feral hogs are:

An ecological train wreck and the most invasive animal on the planet.” He also alarms that they are a recipe for disaster.


Super Pigs In Canada

In 2010, the professor clarified the threat: “Let’s be clear, wild pigs on the Canadian Prairies are expanding completely out of control, and you can quote me on that.”

The last two decades have seen an immense increase in feral pigs in Canada following pig releases and escape from the farms.

According to the research database, more than 60% of wild boars are killed every year in Canada, but their number is still increasing. The success rate by the hunters with the best pig-hunting dog breeds is around 2 to 4%.

Super Pigs to America

The damages by wild boars, as summarized by Brook in the following words:

“Crop damage is often the biggest economic impact. The U.S. loses 2.5 billion dollars per year just in crop damage alone due to wild pigs,”.

“No question the potential is to get into the tens of millions just in crop damage alone. The disease is harder to estimate in terms of cost…” the professor also amended.

Wild pigs can be fierce and dangerous, especially with sharp tusks. There is an incident from earlier years.

They are also known to attack people, like a lady in Texas who was fatally assaulted to death by a wild pig in her driveway two years ago.

The Northern US states like North Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana will likely be affected more by super pig invasion from the Canadian border with the USA.

The officials are worried that the arrival of super hogs from the Canadian border provinces may worsen the current situation in pig-populated states.

The states in North America are already taking preventative measures. The local authorities are having campaigns in these areas to alert people.

Top 05 the most feral hog populated USA states:

US StateNumber in Million
Texas 3000,000 
Louisiana 750,000
Georgia 650,000
Florida 500,000

The Montana Department of Livestock and Invasive Species Council has launched a Squeal on Pigs campaign. Anybody who sees a wild pig must alert the local authorities to prevent any trouble.

The Solution

Brook, the professor, says we must have a multi-pronged approach to eliminate these invasive creatures since “we have missed our window of opportunity.”

The most effective and ideal methods would include baiting, trapping, and using helicopters to apprehend them. Sport and hunting with pig dogs are not achievable solutions.

“What we desperately need is leadership and a coordinated effort.” He further says, “But the most important thing we need is for all stakeholders to come together on this, recognize it is a problem, and deal with it before it is too late.”

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This pig breed has extra qualities likes exceptional strength, intelligence, or other abilities as compared to a regular pig.

A super pig runs at a speed of 30 to 40 km per hour.

This wild hog is a crossbreed of wild Eurasian boar and domestic swine.

This breed normally weighs between 150 and 300 lbs.

Yes, this pig is edible.

The normal size of this breed is between 04 to 08 feet.

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