Adore a pet pig? Explore the best pet pig breeds

What is a Pet Pig?

A pet pig breeds
A Pig Pet

Pet Pig Breeds

Pot-Bellied Pig

Pot-Bellied Pet Pig
Pet Pot-Bellied Pig
Height12-14 Inch
Weight90 ad 110 lb
Price400 to 800$

Juliana Pig

Height14-17 Inch
Weight40 and 60 lb
Price500 to 800$

KuneKune Pig

Height14-16 Inch
Weight40 and 60 lb
Price500 to 1000$

American Mini Pig

Pet american mini pig
Pet american mini pig
Height15-20 Inch
Weight50 and 90 lb
Price700 to 1500$

Pros and Cons


  • Intelligent Pets
  • Pigs are affectionate
  • Pig have their own distinct personalities
  • Pigs are naturally clean pets
  • These pets have long lifespan


  • Pigs need special Requirements
  • Pigs have specific dietary requirements
  • Pigs are social animals and require regular interaction
  • These pet require regular veterinary check ups
  • Some areas have zoning ordinances or legal restrictions about pig pets


The most famous types of pigs that can be pets Pot-Bellied pigs, American Mini Pigs, Juliana Pigs, and KuneKune Pigs.

You have to check local area legal rules for having pigs as pets before considering the adoption of a pig.

Whether they are better pets than dogs or not depends on individual preferences, lifestyle, and care requirements.

KuneKune Pig.

Pigs as pets may exhibit aggressive behaviors sometimes if not properly trained or socialized, but with responsible ownership and training, they can make loving and gentle companions.

Yes, pigs can be affectionate pets as they love forming strong bonds with their human caregivers.

Pot-Bellied Pig, and American Mini Pig are the easy pig pet breeds

Pot-bellied pigs, American mini pigs, and Juliana pigs are the indoor pig breeds.

Hampshire, Berkshire, and Yorkshire Pigs are recommended for beginners.

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