100+ Best Pig Dog Names for Pig Hunting

A pig Dog in Bushes

You are a hunting enthusiast and searching for the best ‘pig dog names’. This article will help you choose a perfect name. According to our research, the most suitable nicknames for the hunt are: Pig Chaser, Pig Hunter, Peccary Dog, Swamp Dog, and Razorback Hound. We are a team of experts interested in pig-related exercises and games. If you want … Read more

Pig Dogs in New Zealand: the Best Hunting Breeds

Pig Dog New Zealand

The term “Pig Dogs in New Zealand” has acquired more than 1,000 monthly searches on Google. These numbers show the interest of the enthusiasts in pig hunting games across New Zealand. The best pig-hunting dog breeds are  American Pitbull Terrier, Labrador Retriever, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Click + to have an overview of the article. There are other famous … Read more

XL Bully Dog Rules : Bans and Exemptions Update

XL Bully Dog Rules

The new XL Bully Dog rules are now in force from 31st December 2023 onward under The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. These rules for XL Bully Dogs were defined immediately after a Bully Dog attack on a 54-year-old in Sunderland City, England. This statement of Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, simplifies the … Read more

Australian Pig Dogs and their major Breeds

Australian Pig Dog

On average, “Australian Pig Dogs” reaches around 2,000 monthly searches on the Google search bar. The numbers portray the interest of enthusiasts in pig hunting games with the dogs in Australia. The most famous Australian pig dog breeds are the Bull Arab, Australian Wolfhound, Australian Bull Greyhound, and Australian Staghound. These pigging dog breeds are … Read more

Pig Hunting Dogs and Their Major Breeds

Pig Hunting Dogs

Use of pig dogs in wild pig hunting is now a common practice in the states. Wild boars, also known as feral hogs, are becoming a growing problem in the United States, with an estimated annual growth rate of around 20%. The wild hogs’ estimated population is to be about 8 million. Americans spend over … Read more