Australian Pig Dogs and their major Breeds

On average, “Australian Pig Dogs” reaches around 2,000 monthly searches on the Google search bar. The numbers portray the interest of enthusiasts in pig hunting games with the dogs in Australia.

The most famous Australian pig dog breeds are the Bull Arab, Australian Wolfhound, Australian Bull Greyhound, and Australian Staghound.

These pigging dog breeds are specially bred and trained for hunting pursuits.

Many other dog breeds are also used for the hunting of pigs. This dog breed list includes Austrian Black and Tan Hound, Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, and Alpine Dachsbracke.

The following subheadings will provide you with a detailed overview of each breed.

These are the most famous Australian Pig Dog Breeds used in hog hunting games and activities.

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Bull Arab

Bull Arab Australia
Australian Bull Arab
CategoryCatch Dog
Weight60 – 110 lb
ColorWhite with black or brindle spots

The Bull Arab is, a strong and versatile breed of dog, known for strength and loyalty. The breed was developed in Australia by crossing various species like Bull Terriers, Greyhounds, and German Shorthaired Pointers.

They were initially nourished for hunting, especially feral hog hunting.

Their adaptable nature allows them to thrive in various terrains and climates, which is advantageous for pig hunting, considering the diverse environments in Australia where feral pigs are found.

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Kangaroo Australian Pig Dog

Australian Pig Dogs
CategoryBay Dog
Weight50 – 120 lb
ColorBlack, brindle and common bicolor

The Kangaroo Dog/Hound or Australian Wolfhound is a crossbreed in Australia used for hunting purposes.

These dogs were historically propagated to track and pursue kangaroos, but now they are also being utilized in pursuing other games like feral pig hunting.

These dogs come from various ancestries, including breeds like Greyhounds, Whippets, or other sight-hound breeds in Australia. They have been selectively produced for their hunting capabilities.

Australian Bull Greyhound

Australian Bull Greyhound
CategoryCatch Dog
Weight60 – 115 lb
ColorBlack, White or a combination of both.

The Australian Bull Greyhound is a hybrid dog. It was developed in Australia and is known for its hunting capabilities, agility, and speed.

It was created by a mix of the Greyhound and bull breeds, like the Bull Arab and Bull Terrier. The development results in a dog that combines the Greyhound’s speed and endurance with the bull breed’s strength and determination.

These dogs are continually used for hunting and chasing game. The hunters admire this breed’s role and task in hunting feral pigs.

They possess a strong prey drive, high energy levels, and a keen sense of smell. These characteristics make them well-suited for hunting in various terrains.

Australian Staghound

Australian Staghound
CategoryCatch Dog
Weight65 – 100 lb
ColorRed, White or a combination of both.

This breed is one of the most famous Australian Pig Dogs. Australian Staghounds are tall, lean, and muscular.

They have great speed and endurance, which makes them trained at pursuing and capturing games over long distances. Their keen sense of sight, agility, and speed allow them to track and chase prey effectively.

Historically, these dogs have been used to hunt deer and kangaroos in Australia. However, the breeding and usage of Staghounds have varied over time for various purposes.

They typically crossbreed with diverse sighthounds and other breeds like the Scottish Deerhound, Greyhound, Irish Wolfhound, and local Australian breeds.

The main goal is to combine the best qualities of these breeds to create a dog that excels in hunting, especially in chasing feral hogs.

Australian Black and Tan Hound

Australian Black and Tan Hound
CategoryBay/Tracking Dog
Weight35 – 50 lb
Color Black with dark fawn Markings

The breed possesses a strong sense of smell, endurance, and a keen hunting instinct. It has all the desirable attributes of a hunting dog. The use of this breed as a pig dog may vary based on hunters’ preferences and practices.

The Austrian Black and Tan Hound’s qualities are profitable in pig hunting. Their exceptional scenting abilities allow them to track prey over long distances. It is an essential skill to pursue feral pigs in diverse Australian landscapes.

Their strong and muscular build ensures endurance and agility. These qualities and attributes are necessary for keeping up with the swift movements of wild pigs.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
CategoryBay Dog
Weight50 – 100 lb
ColorRed or blue speckled

These dogs are famous for herding cattle and working on farms. Their versatility, strength, and endurance can also make them suitable for other tasks, including hunting.

Their sharp intelligence and ability to work closely with humans are advantageous in tracking, cornering, or controlling feral pigs in a hunt.

While primarily recognized as herding dogs, Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs have proven themselves professional pig dogs. Their agility, speed, and endurance make them valuable assets in pursuing feral pigs.

Their elevated energy levels and tenacity enable them to track, corner, and hold pigs, making them the best companions in hunting pursuits.

Their natural inclination to work closely with humans makes them responsive to training, allowing handlers to channel their instincts effectively for pig-hunting purposes.

Source : Australian Dog Breeds

Points To consider

It is advised that one must consider these critical aspects before selecting a pig dog for hunting games in Australia to make an informed decision:

  • Purpose: Define the primary purpose. Are you looking for a hunting companion, a family pet, or both? Some dog breeds excel in hunting, while others are more suitable as pets.
  • Temperament: Consider the temperament of a dog breed. Are the preferred dogs good with families and children? The nature of the pet varies among species and individual dogs.
  • Training: Pig dogs need specific training for hunting, compliance, and socialization. Do you have the time, expertise, and commitment to provide proper training? Select a dog by keeping this point in mind.
  • Exercise: These hunting dogs usually have high energy levels. They demand ample exercise. Ensure you provide the necessary physical activity to keep them healthy and comfortable.
  • Environment: Evaluate your living status. Some pig dogs may not adapt well to apartment living; They usually require a yard or open space.
  • Regulations: Study local community laws regarding owning and hunting with pig dogs. Whether keeping the pet is allowed or not in your area. All areas have specific rules or restrictions.
  • Moral Considerations: Consider the ethical implications of pig hunting with dogs. Ensure you are comfortable with the practice or its effect on the beast’s welfare.

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