Mississippi Wild Hogs Control Program through Trapping

Mississippi Wild Hogs Control Program by the Department of Agriculture and Commerce through Wild Hog Control Program (WHCP).

Wild hogs, or feral pigs, are the most causative agents of agricultural damage across the United States. In particular, Mississippi has been severely affected by the threat of wild hogs. According to the officials, the damages to agrarian property exceed $60 million on an annual basis. Hogs are becoming a pressing concern for the agricultural sectors.

Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce (MDAC) is offering feral pig trap training and workshops to control wild pigs. The land owners, managers, and students from the state school and technical centers will get a chance to learn and get certified in trappings.

Through the Wild Hog Control Program (WHCP), the department will offer different traps to landowners and managers. These traps will be deployed across the state in designated areas. The department official will nominate these designated areas. MDAC will finalize it through people’s online application process.

This is the department’s first workshop educating students, landowners, and farmers.

“We’re expanding it to promote the Wild Hog Control and Youth Trapping Corp. and that was made possible by a federal grant with the support of U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith.” says Chris McDonald.

The deadline for online applications has completed and is no longer available.

For more info visit: Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce

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