Unveiling the Devastation: The Ongoing Feral Hog Problem in Texas

The estimated wild pigs population in Texas is 2.6 million, which accounts for more than 50% of these animals in the USA (Source).

Wild boars are a notable threat to the natural ecosystem, causing damage to goods, crops, lands, and properties. They are found in every county of Texas. They cause various types of agricultural and environmental damage by rooting, wallowing, and depredation.

Wild pigs are widely regarded as one of the top 100 worst exotic invasive species globally. In 2007, according to the researchers each single feral pig incurred an annual cost of $300 for damage and control measures (Source).

 The passing of HB 716 by the Texas Legislature was a response to the significant and concerning presence of feral hogs in the State. The legislation has ruled the hogs a threat and authorized their removal by any means deemed necessary. A number of legal options for feral hog hunting in Texas: 1. Chemical control 2. Trapping 3. Aerial Gunning 4. Tracking Dogs 5. Night Shooting 6. Bounty Programs

It is time to recognize that the feral hog in Texas is a complex problem that cannot be resolved easily. The authorities have to take the matter seriously. These wild boars are quick, clever, and highly adaptable. It is very difficult to establish a uniform statewide approach to eradicate these animals at once. Consequently, most Texas citizens have chosen to address the issue at the community level. Nonetheless, removing wild hogs from a ranch or farm is merely a temporary fix as they are sure to come back to do damage.

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