The Lost Pig in Anderson County

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is searching for the owner. The pet is available at the Animal Control Unit. The location where the pig was found is about Old Dobbins Bridge Road and Hard Cash Lane, Fir Play, on Wednesday, September 2023.

A lost pot belly pig

The Office is seeking public assistance in their efforts to locate the owner. It is the duty of the Officials to impound stray animals and pets. They take appropriate measures to deal with such issues with the proper care of these domesticated animals.

They are encouraging anyone who may have information regarding the whereabouts of this pig and its owner to contact the Anderson County Animal Control Unit. This appeal for information is part of their ongoing investigation into the situation.

The pig in question comes to the attention of local authorities. It is crucial to identify its owner to ensure the safety and well-being of the animal. By reaching out to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Animal Control Unit, anyone can play a vital role in assisting law enforcement in resolving the matter.

The Office values the community support and encourages citizens to come forward with any information they may possess regarding this incident. The public help can make a significant effort to reunite the pig with its rightful owner.

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