Kevin Bacon helps in reuniting the Pig- Kevin Bacon.

Finally, the missing pig reaches home. The missing pig has been named after the celebrity and film star Kevin Bacon. The news of this missing pig has been a trending topic on Google Search and Social Media.

On October 14th, the pig owned by Chelsea Rumbaugh went missing in the vicinity of Marsh Creek Campground and Emmitsburg Road.

The pet owner-Rumbaugh told “He kept looking up and seeing me. But every time previous he would just run when he saw a person.

Anytime we have a positive interaction and he walks away instead of running away, that’s good. In our book, that means he still feels safe here.”

“Our goal is to one day have a pig sanctuary where we can offer therapy sessions or even just visits for children and adults who are struggling with PTSD or any kind of neurodivergence,” Rumbaugh said also.

Rumbaugh added “To say we were not prepared for a 200-pound pig to get loose — yeah, that that would be dead on,” .

The news caused quite a stir on social media and Google. Many people from Pennsylvania and around the USA joined the search efforts. Fortunately, The pet is safe and sound.

The pig’s owners are happy and overjoyed to have him back. They are thankful for the support and concern of the supporters for their efforts.

The Pig- Kevin Bacon Returns Homes

Kevin Bacon Tweet about the Pig

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The News About Missing Kevin Bacon

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