A Chinese Girl, Pig Farmer, Goes Viral on the Internet

It is the story of an attractive beauty who gets people’s attention across the globe for her profession, mostly on Douyin. She works as a pig farmer for 6,000 Yuan (approx 800$) a month and holds a bachelor’s degree in Chinese language and literature.

Zhou is 26 and belongs to the Yunnan province in China. From her early childhood, she likes and adores the farming lifestyle. So, at this stage of life, she has chosen the profession of pig caring and farming. 

Before joining this job, she worked for many companies and departments as an office-based assistant. However, she did not get the desired satisfaction from all those appointments and left working there.

In the first quarter of 2023, she started work as a pig farm worker in a pig farm. From her first day on the job, she has been filming her duty routine on Douyin as a pig nanny. Her Douyin username is Song Song (宋宋).

You may like to know the fact that are more than 750 million monthly users of Douyin, a social media platform, only from China.

Why She Gets Viral?

The answer is that she is a gorgeous girl, and people do not expect such a beautiful girl to join this rough and tough profession of pig farming. Moreover, she is satisfied with her employment, and her videos and selfies with ranch animals on social media indicate her satisfaction. 

Her pridefulness also shocks her audience and pig lovers as to how can a very young girl love and adore hogs. 

She answers in the following words all questions raised by the netizen about her job: 

“How can I not be happy raising pigs?”

“This job is a dream.”

At the pig farm, she has to perform various tasks as parts of her duty like cleaning, feeding, and taking care of the medical treatment of pigs. She loves choosing different pet names for piglets according to their gender(male and female), characteristics, uniqueness, colors, and personalities.

Hope for Others

She has become a hope for others who lack decision power and hesitate to take bold steps at various critical stages of their lives.

At the start of her job, her family members did not support her and forced Zhou to leave this profession. But now she has become an internet sensation with titles like: “courageous woman, bold lady, and iron beauty”.  

She has encouraged readers and viewers to care about what they think best of themselves not what others want them to become if anyone wants to get satisfaction.

Moreover, every job has its own worth if it is done with full dedication and motivation. 

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